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Hamilton abuse intervention project campaign

Hamilton Abuse Intervention Project Campaign poster.

An exciting campaign by the Hamilton Abuse Intervention Project (HAIP) works alongside other campaigns run by the Hamilton City Council (HCC) and New Zealand Police. These campaigns have been launched using violence-free messages. The HAIP campaign utilises messages on the side of buses to support Hamilton families and whanau to have violence-free homes. The campaign uses both billboards and newspaper advertising to send similar messages utilising terminology from the national Its Not Ok initiative. It also uses television and local newspaper articles and personal family stories highlighting family violence and the effects.

HAIP received funding from the Community Action Fund (CAF) for a campaign which began in November featuring messages displayed on the sides of local buses. The messages linked with White Ribbon Day.

HAIP have also set up a special phone line to invite a response to their campaign and offer support where requested. The 0800 No2ABUSE hotline is available Mon-Fri 9-5pm during the campaign period. Two more bus campaigns are planned for during the 2009 Hot Air Balloon Festival and V8 Racing; in June another is planned during Hamilton's Fielddays when visitors are at their maximum capacity.

The HCC media campaign has been well supported by the Hamilton community by involving well known local people (including the Mayor) and linking with the images and themes of the campaign.

For further information regarding this campaign please contact Lila Jones  at 07 834 3148.