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SPEaR bulletin - March 2006

SPRE Conference 2007

The third Social Policy, Research and Evaluation (SPRE) conference will be held in Wellington on 3-5 April 2007, with the theme of "Investing in social success: Developing our future agenda". The sub-themes are:

  • social investment - effective and sustainable social investment
  • global context for social policy - building engagement to maximise opportunities
  • social dynamics - implications for change and cohesion
  • enduring social challenges - improving traction on critical issues.

The conference aims to: stimulate discussion and debate on strategic social issues facing New Zealand now and in the future; connect leading social development researchers and evaluators from all sectors; and engage with stakeholders and users of social policy research and evaluation inside and outside of government.

Marcel Lauzière, Deputy Chief Executive at the Ministry of Social Development, says SPRE is all about promoting the ongoing development of New Zealand's social policy knowledge base, which is essential to ensuring a strong and globally competitive New Zealand.

"The two previous SPRE conferences were very successful and we intend to keep building on that."